Here are 5 strategies to add some calm to your social media game:

  1. Turn off notifications on all your apps. Unless it’s something urgent that requires your immediate attention, having your phone “go off” unnecessarily is a big time and energy drain for you and your battery! Some people are shocked to learn I have never accepted notifications from Instagram. I choose when I enter and exit an app, and I have granted zero apps the power to pull me back in with a “ding ding.” The only notifications I receive are from an actual phone call or text message. The apps I check daily are bundled together on my device. I tap in and out of these platforms when time allows and mute all the rest!
  2. Voice your comments. Whether you are leaving a note for someone else or responding to notes you’ve received, using voice dictation saves time and creates a deeper sense of connection to the person you are “speaking” to. I even voice punctuation. If you’ve met me in person there’s a good chance you’ve already heard me say “Hello comma You exclamation mark.”
  3. Set a timer and stick to it! Posting, responding and interacting with other people on social sites can be a full time job! You do it because you love it but the dishes are calling, laundry needs to be done and you’ve got to hit the gym. Set aside a reasonable amount of time for “you” to respond/interact on social media and use a timer to help you remember it’s time to “bounce.”
  4. When you have a few free minutes look up at the sky instead of your screen. Give your brain cells some time to relax and think freely. Notice the patterns, notice your breath, are your shoulders up around your neck? If the answer is yes, I can completely relate. Everything happens so fast these days and we push ourselves hard to get things done quickly. It’s your job to create space between the frenzy so your best ideas have time to “calm to surface.” The more you take calmversation breaks, the better you’ll be able to connect with your own ideas and wisdoms waiting to happen.
  5. Keep your eyes happy, healthy and calm by blinking more when you are immersed in screen time. The more focussed you are on what you are seeing the less likely you are to be blinking at a normal rate. This is when your eyes get dry and irritated. Be good to your eyes- they watch out for you!


Do you have a calm tip, trick or strategy to share? Leave a comment below or on Instagram, I’ll be sure to voice my reply back to you!

I love looking at the sky… #WHPmyoasis anytime, anywhere 🙂

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