Intuition meets technology…

I’ve spent over 15 years observing and empowering student learning in hundreds of classrooms. As an educator, I’ve always been drawn towards social innovations that engage and inspire children. Yet in recent years, I noticed something was missing. I recognized there was a critical need to bridge the space between the rise of technology and the slippery slope of compassionate awareness.
Science tells us that we are better able to take in and process information when we are calm. Helping kids understand how to access calm would become the key component in structuring a program that would help them thrive in today’s fast paced world. And in order to thrive we must understand how we work together and individually. When we understand what’s happening inside of us we gain a deeper awareness of what’s happening outside and around us.
  • brain areas and functions
  • thoughts and feelings
  • messages from the heart
In addition to words and books, children need help learning how to read people and situations. Empathy through calmversation fosters the development of social, emotional and digital literacy. Students are given the tools, skills and language to build on their own strengths as they navigate creative solutions to solve problems peacefully.
You won’t ever hear me refer to this as an anti-bullying program because I believe the words we use shape and influence our thoughts. This program fosters mutual respect while allowing students to be in the driver’s seat of discovery and teaching opportunities. I strongly believe children are the experts at being human.
When you give students the space to share wisdoms from their own unique experiences, it’s magical. In the calmversation sessions, students are valued and acknowledged for who they are, how they feel and what they think.
I developed calmversation as model to give 21st century education a nudge in the right direction and discovered it was advancing communications for all parties involved…
There was a buzz in the school. Students were stopping me in hallways asking when the next session would be, colleagues wanted in on the sessions, parents were pouring their hearts out telling me what a difference this approach was making for their child. 
 Most days I absorbed these messages awestruck that the impact of calmversation could be felt so deeply and immediately.
Key features of the program involve smile starters, thinking walks and the use of positive expressions. Children are taught how to make compassionate connections through the guiding principles of observe, reflect and connect. And if we feel like dancing, we do. Moving around is such an important part of processing and assimilating information. The rhyme to my reason is a meaningful approach mixed with splashes of humour because
  • laughing and learning go hand in hand
  • sincerity and transparency turn expectations into understanding
  • kindness speaks volumes
To summarize: calmversation is about achieving a deeper understanding of ourselves, the people we interact with and the world around us.
If you want to empower through compassion, extend a calmversation…
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In today’s fast paced world, intellectual caches are filled to overflowing. Taking time to slow down and have a calmversation helps free up valuable mind space and creativity. We have a multitude of calmversation solutions and strategies to guide your action plans. Learn more by requesting an information session or workshop.