About MissyJena

Missy Jena is an educator, photographer, and storyteller, based in Vancouver, BC. Jena created calmversation as a new approach to meaningful communication that mirrors her work in education to foster empathy and social awareness.

Hearts on Display

We will turn a corner where the future becomes fancier with kindness.
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Synchronicity and Purpose

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are […]

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calmversation connections

The evolution of communication… There’s a reason people are connecting to the concept. It […]

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5 ways to infuse calm

Here are 5 strategies to add some calm to your social media game:

Turn […]

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Meet Bree

I originally discovered Bree’s photos during the #ofvancouver MOV campaign. As I reviewed […]

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Miracle Network Champion Child

Over the last year, you may have caught *snap footage of me entering and […]

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10 things about me

I arrived on a Wednesday and

1. I’d rather be too cold than too […]

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