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I remember the first time I heard the word calmversation. It was as if a new area of illumination in my soul became ignited and I found myself searching through the tag to discover more. At its source and simplicity, to me, calmvo’s are the truest form of connection. A most centering experience, that’s now become my anthem all thanks to @missyjena. Her intuitive foresight has imagined up a space where solitude and non-movement are so harmoniously intertwined to spirit.
So tuck in your wings… as my yoga teacher used to say when my shoulders raised up from tension, and revitalize your frame of mind. No matter what path you’re on or whatever mire you seem to be stuck in, #calmversation can be your sweet, quiet exhale too.

Lynn – Vancouver, BC@heartedgirl_

Dear dear Miss Jena,
I have though of you often over these past few years always sending loving thoughts and blessing your way… and now look at you! What a wonderful creative project this is…the images you have taken are beautiful, serene and soul nourishing…..and I love the concept of calmversation, so much of what our world needs and is so lacking!

Eva D. Vancouver, Canada

#calmversation does a nice job of being simple, descriptive and inviting. It is a moment captured where the image depicts a scene of stillness or quiet that at the same time says a thousand words. You can understand the sentiment immediately and share in the positivity it provides. In the right hands a photo tagged with #calmversation will tell you all about the photographer in the same way a portrait can reveal a persons inner most secrets. Jena has done a fine job of curating her soporific vision into a single and novel word. I am currently on a balcony overlooking the sea surrounded by the smell of pine trees and eucalyptus, the sun is setting over Croatian hills in the distance whilst the local fishing boats return to port. For someone used to busy London life this is my idea of true calm making it easy to point my iPhone at the water and indulge in a little #calmversation with my friend the sea.

Sam – London, England.@samthegap

calmversation connects people from the far reaches of the world and touches the heart with sweet smiles and warm words – It is a beautiful outlook that reminds us to take that deep, calming breath, curl those lips into a smile and appreciate life more fully.

Mackenzie – Wailuku, Hawaii.@mack_noel

The mind is often busy filled with thoughts of what am going to do tomorrow, what tasks do I need to finish now, what did I forgot to do in the past. There is a constant chatter internally and often times externally in your environment with lots of clutter and noise. A calmversation is where the mind and the outer world are sync so you able to capture those pure quite movements. A calmversation are those conversations where you and your subject and in this case environment are in total rapport.

Stephen- Florida, USA @journeyofnow

calmversation is an opportunity to connect with people across the globe over an essence – a driving force to share a feeling with others. Jena has created a space that brings together people who may be separated by water and land, but are neighbours in spirit.

Bree, Vancouver, BC.@breegalbraith

I remember when you came up with the idea of calmversation and how I immediately fell in love with the concept. It was fantastic to see how it spread like wildfire on Instagram, and I am so happy to hear it has reached the schools as a learning model as well. I believe the children of today (well actually all of us!) needs this more than ever, considering the stressful time we are living in, and all the expectations we are surrounded with in terms of being perfect in every aspect of life.

Nina from Oslo, Norway @kodakmoments_bynina

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