I originally discovered Bree’s photos during the #ofvancouver MOV campaign. As I reviewed the daily photo submissions, I began to notice Bree’s entries right away. There was a fun, carefree and very signature feel to her images. Sometimes her 2 boys, who look like characters straight out of a story book, would be in the frame. I was struck by the honesty of Bree’s captions and her boundless energy as a momma who prioritized fun. After the campaign was complete, I followed Bree on Instagram. I simply had to keep up with their adventures…


Flash forward a year later, Bree randomly sent me a comment (via Instagram) asking “what are you doing right now?” In that moment, I was staring blankly at a website that was stuck. The website was calmversation.com and it was in design limbo for over 6 months. I sent her a reply stating something along those lines and Bree’s response gave me exclamation marks! We exchanged a few more thoughts and met for coffee soon thereafter.

Things I’ve learned about Bree:

  1. She is an extremely talented designer.
  2. Bree is a super accelerated information processor. Her ability to compute several problems simultaneously and toss out solutions in mere seconds is incredible to observe.
  3. She is highly intuitive and understands ethereal visions where words fall short.
  4. Bree is the author of an award winning book. Her boys ARE characters straight out of a story. “Once Upon a Balloon” is a modern day legend that beautifully touches upon the power of positive thoughts, hope and imagination.
  5.  She has the wifi password memorized of almost any coffee shop in the city. We have our favourite venues to meet and with Bree around I can always focus on the tasks at hand- straight away.
  6. Bree gets things done. Fast.
  7. She is kind and honest.

Heads up, friends! She’s a Mover and Shaker with a golden heart. Expect to hear much more about this fascinating Vancouver based human. Bree has several exciting projects on the go and can be found on Instagram @breegalbraith or peaksandharbours.com. Here ‘s a link for their next family friendly event.

PS when we work together, I encourage lots of brain breaks because we accomplish so much!