Over the last year, you may have caught *snap footage of me entering and exiting the Child and Family Research Institute. I was learning Aidan’s story…

What were you doing the day before you found out you had cancer, Aidan? He remembered playing the video game “Just Dance.”

Through the toughest points, Aidan found a way to remain strong. This child taught me many valuable lessons about life and perspective. He shares defining moments from his journey through an interactive story…

My name is Aidan and I’m
sixteen years old. In 2011
February 16th I was diagnosed
with acute lymphoblastic
leukemia(childhood blood
cancer) at the age of eleven. I
finished medical treatment June
28th 2014. Since then I have
been adjusting to a new
“normal” life.

View Aidan’s full story here

Congratulations Aidan! #MiracleMoment

*Here’s a behind the scenes segment from snapchat @missyjena.